XSEED Games Publishing Sumioni: Demon Arts in North America for Vita in Spring 2012

Sumioni: Demon Arts is an action platformer that caught the attention of some gamers for its unique use of the PlayStation Vita’s touch screen. Gamers stateside won’t have to miss out on it, though, as XSEED Games is publishing the title developed by ACQUIRE in North America.

In Sumioni (which translated means “ink demon”), players will control their own “ink demon” who’s been tasked with ridding the world of evil. Players must safely guide their ink demon through 2D side-scrolling levels with visuals in the “sumi-e” ink style.

The demon himself is controlled by normal controls, but players can use the touch screen to paint brushstrokes that will enable the demon to avoid enemies and get past obstacles. Players can manipulate the stage environment on-the-fly by using their finger to create paintbrush strokes as well. Various strokes have different effects and on-screen “scratches” can set enemies (or objects) on fire, summon lightning, or summon creatures to aid in battle. Players will be able to combine the use of different brushes simultaneously for a number of different battle options.

Sumioni: Demon Arts will have 30 stages and multiple endings as well. The game is scheduled to arrive in Spring of 2012 for PlayStation Vita.