First Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Adds New Story Content for Free

Final Fantasy XIII-2 might only be four days old in Japan, but without hesitation Square Enix is planning to release DLC just a week after its launch date.

The first Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC is slated to release on December 22nd in Japan and will add Monster Coliseum Omega, which for some reason is actually a boss instead of an area as you’d suspect. The DLC also adds a new episode of story content that is expected to be short but a nice addition to those that enjoy spamming X while watching Lightning and her friends beat up groups of monsters. The best part is that despite the DLC’s 300 yen price (which is about 4 U.S. dollars), it’ll be available for free until the 10th of January.

An additional DLC pack will release at the end of the free period on January 10th and will offer a few new costumers for Noel and Serra, two of the game’s protagonists. It’ll be offered at the same price as the Monster Coliseum Omega DLC but won’t have a free period. If you buy both, you can fight Mr. Monster Coliseum Omega while spamming X and watching your team of heroes jump around beating him up in new costumes.

Don’t be confused, though. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is still only available in Japan and will remain that way until late January. This DLC is very likely going to be available to the Western market, but given our luck there will be no free period. Well, at least we have screenshots of it to stare at, which can be found below.