Jaffe Meets With “Producer of God of War”

With God of War III having released way back in March 2010, Sony Santa Monica must be deep into the development of their next game. Current rumors and simple guesses point towards the next game being another God of War, and recent comments by David Jaffe once again point towards the game being GOW IV.

In a video post where Twisted Metal and God of War creator Jaffe repeatedly states how tired he is, he says (emphasis added):

Yeah I said goodness gracious. I was at a dinner with the producer of God of War the other night, she said “god you sound like an old f***ing woman”. Goodness gracious, that’s what I do, what can I say now?”

Skip to 7:15 to hear it for yourself:

Over on IMDB, the only SCEA female producer (then associate producer) for GOW III listed is Jess Reed, whose LinkedIn shows that she’s working at Santa Monica as a producer. Of course, Jaffe could be calling her the producer of GOW as it was their last game, but it does seem odd for Jaffe to be referencing a two year old game. And then there’s the question of why the two are having dinner – with Eat Sleep Play and Sony Santa Monica a full 707 miles away – that’s 11 hours, 11 minutes by car according to Google Maps, it’s rather unlikely it was just two friends meeting up, and most probably a business meeting.

Jaffe was consulted for GOW III, due to his previous position on the Santa Monica team and the fact that he is the franchise’s creator. Could he have been consulted once again? Right now, we have to take the rumor with a large grain of salt, but would you like a new God of War, or prefer a new IP? Share your thoughts in the comments below.