PS Vita Version of Ridge Racer Will Now Ship During ‘Launch Window’

Ridge Racer for the PS Vita hasn’t exactly received the best reception. And now, Ridge Racer Vita is expected to be released during the ‘launch window’ instead of being available on February 22nd, when the PS Vita goes on sale for the general public. The publisher hasn’t revealed whether or not this delay is due to quality assurance, additional content or other reasons that lead to games being delayed.

Ridge Racer Vita was developed in less than a year, beginning production this past spring. The game only features 3 courses (6 if you count mirrored versions) and a limited selection of cars. Those expecting a full experience are expected to shell out the equivalent of $20 USD for a DLC Season’s Pass that gives them access to new cars and tracks between now and May.

Here’s hoping Namco-Bandai adds a few more courses & cars for the North American release. DLC is an awesome way to extend a game but I don’t think I am alone when I say that I refuse to pay $30 – $40 for a game with less tracks than a $5 iPad game.

Maybe they saw Heath’s import review of the game and decided to add some more content?