Dust 514 Closed Beta Registration Opens to EVE Online Subscribers With PS3s

January 3, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Gamers who subscribe to the PC MMO EVE Online and own a PS3 will get the opportunity to try out the first person shooter Dust 514 sometime in the future, as beta registration for the title is now open.

CCP has announced that Dust 514‘s closed beta, titled Mordu’s Private Trials, is going to begin soon for active subscribers of EVE Online. CCP notes that registration doesn’t guarantee entry, but active EVE Online subscribers do have first access for registration.

To register for Mordu’s Private Trials, click on this link and log in using your EVE Online account information to apply.

At E3 2011, CCP announced that Dust 514, currently a PS3 and PSN exclusive MMO shooter, will have Move support and will offer “cross-play” with the PlayStation Vita.

If there are any more ways of getting into the beta, we’ll be sure to let you know.