Japanese Retailers Reportedly Slash PS Vita Price After Low Sales

After a week of lower than expected sales, Japanese retailers are taking the initiative and have begun slashing the price of the PlayStation Vita according to reports. The Wifi + 3G Model, which was already not moving off of store shelves, has apparently been reduced as much as 20% by some game retailers in Japan.

The PlayStation Vita could not keep up the momentum it built during its debut week. The latest numbers show that the Vita moved only 72,479 units a drop from its debut of well over 375,000. Even the original PlayStation Portable sold more last week with 101,121 pieces of hardware moved.

News of retailers dropping the price does not necessarily mean that Sony is considering an official reduction to the system’s price regionally. A global price drop, similar to Nintendo’s move with the 3DS last August, would be an even more drastic move. If sales continue to be show signs of slowing down after the Vita has launched in Europe and North America next month, then there may be cause for concern.

[Via: GamesRadar]