February Issue of Game Informer Reveals XCOM: Enemy Unknown

January 5, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

When 2K Games announced that X-COM would be rebooted as FPS title XCOM, fans of the original strategy series were upset at the radical change. But 2K has a new XCOM strategy game in the works, as well, and it’s being developed by a studio with a history in the genre.

In the upcoming February issue of GameInformer, Firaxis Games — the studio responsible for the critically acclaimed Civilization series — is revealed to be developing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Gamers will be placed in charge of a global scale anti-alien defense force. As leader of that force, players will need to identify threats, reassure populations and calm the anxieties of global leaders. Players will control every move made via turn-based control.

Also, the reveal of the new title doesn’t mean that the FPS XCOM has been canceled. Head of 2K Games Community & Interactive Marketing Elizabeth Tobey was asked on Twitter:

So is the 2K Marin X-Com dead now? Because, really, who gives a flying monkeys now?

She responded:

Both XCOM games are still in development!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is in development for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC and is currently scheduled to release this fall.