Rumor: Sony Informs Third Parties That PS4 To Be Unveiled At E3

Sony’s next home console may be revealed at E3 2012 if the latest round of rumblings and rumors are true. Sony executives have reportedly informed third party developers that the next PS4 will not be left behind in the next console generation.

Last November PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan mentioned that it would be “undesirable” for the PS4 to be released “significantly later” than the competition.

Around the same time there was word that at least one major Sony first party developer was working with a version of the PS4 hardware. The unnamed studio was also said to have moved their development efforts completely to the new platform.

To help mark the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation 3 we posted our PS4 Wishlist. We wished for sensible improvements like continued support for the PlayStation Move, cross game chat and the inclusion of a faster internal Blu-Ray drive.

What is on your wishlist for the eventual PlayStation 4? Do you think June’s E3 conference is the right time for Sony to unveil the PlayStation 4? Developers like Naughty Dog have shown with projects like The Last of Us that there is certainly life left in the PS3.