Sony Developer Working Exclusively on PS4

Sony’s first-party developers are the best at squeezing every last nook and cranny of power out of the PS3. Quite possibly, they have reached the limit with the PS3, and Sony now has at least one major publisher working exclusively on the PS4, according to a new report.

A source speaking to Edge Magazine, has confirmed that PCs based on the Xbox 360’s successor hardware, are already making their way to developers, and a retail release of the Xbox 720 could be ready for 2012.

They also confirm that Sony isn’t too far behind, and has shifted “one major Sony-owned studio” away from PS3 development, and has them focusing on the PS3’s successor exclusively. This same studio is also supposedly involved in the PS4’s graphics technology development process.

Any and all of Sony’s first-party developers could be considered pros when it comes to graphics, so that information does little to hint at which developer they could be referring to..

Which studio do you think it is? Naughty Dog? Guerrilla Games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.