Twisted Metal to Arrive in Europe on February 17th

Sony has confirmed that Twisted Metal will arrive in Europe just days after the North American release. Gamers in Europe can expect the game to hit store shelves on February 17th.

Twisted Metal was originally scheduled for release in October before being pushed back to ‘early 2012’, allowing Eat Sleep Play more time to polish the game. Creator David Jaffe wanted to reassure fans that Twisted Metal would be considered a PlayStation 3 classic, saying to the PSBlog after revealing the delay:

If we shipped Twisted Metal tomorrow-–going off the response from folks who have played it—I assure you, it would never be a bad game. Not even close. But we’re aiming for a heck of a lot more than that! With Twisted Metal we plan to ship a multiplayer classic.

The release of Twisted Metal will mark the return of the classic vehicular combat franchise to a Sony home console after years of absence. The initial printing of the game will include a voucher for a downloadable copy of Twisted Metal Black.