Original Killzone Coming to PS3, But Not In HD

Chances are you’ve taken up arms in Killzone 2 or Killzone 3 by now, but have you wondered what happened before the series made its way to the current generation? Maybe you don’t have a backward compatible PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation 2. Well that’s okay, because soon you’ll have a new affordable option.

Sony has confirmed that the original Killzone will be added to the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation 2 classic. It’s scheduled to arrive in the US on January 24th, and will be available at the golden price of $9.99, but details for Europe were not given. Unfortunately, it will not be an in HD Collection form, so those wanting to experience the series’ roots in full-HD glory are short of luck. Oh, and there won’t be any trophies either.

Killzone debuted in November of 2004 and was received moderately well with many critics praising it for its remarkable visuals, a trait that both of its successors would retain, but many felt the game was a bit too buggy and tried to push too much out . Plot-wise it precedes the second installment, so if you enjoy the story found in the second and third games, then this may be $10 well spent.