Vita Back to 5th Place in JP Hardware Sales

January 11, 2012Written by Heath Hindman

It’s a well known fact that Sony will be bankrupt by next weekend because of the da-da-d00med PlayStation Vita, as the system’s sales numbers have already caused layoffs, power outages, famine, dinosaur resurrection, and cancer that is somehow contagious. This cold hard fact will be driven home once again by internet analysts the world over, as the machine went right back to the fifth place spot.

For the week of January 2-8, the Japanese hardware sales figures look like this, courtesy of Media Create:

3DS: 240,819

PS3: 74,459

PSP: 71,033

Wii: 49,525

Vita: 42,915

DS: 7,536

Xbox 360: 2,738

PS2: 1,323

The New Year is when people give big amounts of money to minors in Japan, which explains every system seeing an increase. The ones with the biggest jumps, though, are the ones with the most appealing software. Strong as the Vita’s launch lineup may be, it’s tough for it to compete the 3DS’s brand new Mario games, the PSP’s seven years of great software, and Wii’s endless sea of low-priced shovelware.

Software sales had Nintendo dominating, though the PS3 and PSP did manage to sneak two games apiece into the top 20; those were Warriors Orochi 2 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PS3, and Monster Hunter Portable 3 and Winning Eleven 2012 for PSP.