Japanese Gamers Want to Try Before They Buy PlayStation Vita

January 13, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

The PlayStation Vita isn’t selling as well as anyone expected in Sony’s homeland. It’s selling, so things aren’t that bleak, and it’s still new, but it’s not exactly the money printer it deserves to be. Things take time, and it may take trying the Vita first for Japanese gamers to actually buy one.

According to a new survey polling Japanese gamers, the PlayStation Vita topped the list of devices they want to try, nabbing a total of 49% of the vote. The 3DS on the other hand, which was second place, mind you, didn’t even have half of the Vita’s score, sitting at a meager 19%. Also on that list was the PSP and DS (seriously, who hasn’t tried these yet?), as well as Android-based smartphones and iOS devices.

We’ve been saying it all along, the PlayStation Vita’s value isn’t completely able to be understood by watching trailers and reading about it – you have to actually have it in your hands to comprehend just how good it is.

Once these gamers who want to try the Vita get to, chances are they’re going to buy it. See? It’s not all that bad for the Vita, at least it’s not that “Other” device, I’ve never even heard of that one.