Shining Blade Packshot, Trailer

Sega’s next RPG crossover isn’t the usual kind, as will be taking characters form one game and putting them into the engine of another. Characters of the successful (though not released outside of Japan) turn-based RPG Shining Hearts are set to star Shining Blade, a new RPG using the engine of Sega’s popular Valkyria Chronicles series. It won’t exactly replicate the Valkyria battle system, but it will enable a lot of movement on the battlefield. Here, we’ve got the box art and a long trailer that features plenty of gameplay shots.

Sega calls the game, “an RPG that makes an impression on your heart.” In the 3-minute-35-second video below, we meet the characters and see some of them change outfits.


Here is the packshot:

Shining Blade will be released on March 15th in Japan. Following the four-year-old trend of digital released being cheaper, the PSN download version will cost 5,600 yen (about $73 US), a considerable shave off the physical version’s price 6,279 yen (nearly $82 US).