Tetsuya Nomura Reveals More Final Fantasy Versus XIII Information

January 19, 2012Written by Tony Wibowo

Many RPG fans were left dissapointed after Final Fantasy Versus XIII failed to show up at Tokyo Game Show 2011. Square Enix has not provided much information regarding the game since then, or even going as far back as the 2006 announcement. The game is still shrouded in mystery almost a full six years later. However, today, the producer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Tetsuya Nomura has broken his silence.

Tetsuya Nomura had a lengthy interview with Famitsu regarding his various projects ranging from Kingdom Heart 3DS to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. During the interview, he shed some information about the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. When asked about the mythical game, he said the following:

  • Nomura recently did the latest check of the game. The visual expression capability has improved from the trailer that was released last year.
  • The game has a mix of real time and Visual Works pre-rendered CG. The ratio is 7 real-time to 3 pre-rendered.
  • The scene where Noctus and Stella meet for the first time has been made into a pre-rendered scene. This is because it’s an example of an area where adding player control would not have a big effect.
  • Square Enix won’t be holding an event ala last year’s January press conference this year. However, Nomura said that he’d like to make some sort Versus related announcement/showing this year, although he can’t say when or where.
  • The next time we see Versus XIII, we will get a look at it being controlled on actual hardware.

Surprisingly, Nomura also commented on the development of Final Fantasy X HD for PS3 and Vita. He confirmed a rumor that the game is only in early phase of development, which means it won’t release anytime soon.

Well, there you go guys, apparently Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a video game. Any guesses on when it is coming out?