Naughty Dog Working On Next Gen Game With “Million Poly Character Models”

January 20, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

After the release of Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog split into teams – one to work on Uncharted 3, and the other to work on The Last of Us. With Uncharted 3 now out, what is the first Naughty Dog team working on? A new job listing uncovered by PlayStation LifeStyle suggests that the top developer is working on a next gen game that has million polygon characters.

The listing for a Character Artist states (emphasis added):

Prior professional experience with normal map extraction of human models for next-gen games

Additionally, it also says that “this digital sculptor will be responsible for making million poly models game ready, and support highest-res characters for renderings”, and as the job is a character artist, it’s clear the million polygon models being discussed are character models. To put that in perspective, Naughty Dog previously revealed that Uncharted 2 character models were “over 30,000” polygons, and Kratos in GOW III is made of ‘only’ 20,000 polygons. That means a huge step up over existing PS3 games.

Considering how amazing Naughty Dog games look on the PS3, the thought of far higher res games on the PS4 is truly mindblowing. But what would you like from Naughty Dog? Uncharted 4 or an entirely new IP? Let us know in the comments below.

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