RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Gets Dated

January 21, 2012Written by Cameron Teague

NIS America has announced that their upcoming RPG sequel Hypdimension Neptunia mk2 will be releasing on February 28th in North America and the 24th in Europe. The game released in Japan back in August of last year and is co-developed by Compile Heart and Idea Factory, with assistance from NIS, Gust, 5pb, and Comcept.

Hypdimension Neptunia mk2 puts you in the role of Nepgear, UNI, Ram, and Rom, the younger sisters of Neptune, Noire, and Blanc. The young sisters are on a quest to save the goddesses after there defeat in the year 20XX. The game features newly formatted dungeons, no more random encounters, and actual HP and MP displays for enemies. Perhaps the biggest change comes with the ability to actively heal members of your party with skills, unlike the first game which used percentages and situations in battle to determine if you character “might” heal.

With these and a slew of other new additions, this should be an RPG to look for come February 28th. The question is, will you be picking it up when it releases?