Improvements Being Made to MLB 12 The Show’s Franchise Mode, PS3/Vita Cloud Save Details, New Screenshots Released

January 27, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

SCE San Diego Studio has detailed improvements that they’re making to MLB 12 The Show‘s Franchise Mode, as well as cloud saving support for data transfer between the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game.

Aaron Luke, the designer for MLB 12 The Show, reveals that the team wanted to improve trade logic for CPU teams, which they’ve done by including more trade factors. Teams are going to value their rosters much higher, they’re aren’t going to ship out prospects easily, and they won’t offer up too many players to fill a positional void. Trade logic will also reflect mentalities such as aspiring for playoff runs or rebuilding rosters. The trade screen itself has been revamped with many more details about each player.

As for PS3/Vita cloud saving, gamers will be able to send a single save file per mode (Franchise, Season, and Road To The Show) to the cloud per PSN account. The files can be overwritten as many times as the player wants. Luke also noted that the Vita version will have all of the core gameplay features that are found in the PS3 version.

Skill set generation logic has been made more realistic for CPU generated players as well. The change will see more authentic pitch repertoires with matching velocities and less overall balanced players.

Improvements have been made to player lineups for teams as well, with player slot arrangements said to be much more realistic. The improvements carry over to Franchise, Season, and Road To The Show.

Finally, the Franchise mode menu has been improved. That includes bringing players more team and league content, adding in next game information, displaying current standings, and current league leaders for batting and pitching. The menu improvements can be seen when viewing players’ Major League teams, Triple A teams, and Double A teams.

To view screenshots of the game — the last two of which are Vita version screenshots — click on the Media Gallery below:

MLB 12 The Show releases for PS3 and Vita on March 6, 2012.

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