New Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer, Screenshots, Artwork, & Box Art Released

Ubisoft has released a new gameplay trailer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, in addition to screenshots from and artwork for the game. They’ve also released the game’s box art.

The trailer begins with soldiers heading towards a helicopter on a base. The trailer then quickly switches scenes to a turret firing on an enemy truck. Scenes switch again to a soldier telling his squadmates to expect tight security in the compound they’re about to enter. Another scene switch and a soldier is rappelling down a wire to join his squadmates. A soldier is then shown being tapped on the shoulder by someone who appears to be a squadmate. A voice says “What do we got?” and then the words “launch detected” are heard. A missile is shown being fired into a corporate-looking building. Soldiers are then shown sneaking through sewers. Next, the soldiers are shown grabbing someone and running from an explosion.

U.S. military members are then shown hoisting coffins of dead soldiers up and carrying them away. A scene switch shows soldiers rappelling down into a dark building. A soldier is then shown hitting an enemy next to a bus. Another soldier is shown being killed by an enemy from behind. Next, we see an overhead map and someone telling the soldiers to go into a refugee camp compound “to retrieve the package” and that a nuclear threat is active. A soldier is then shown using thermal vision to take out enemies with a sniper rifle. Another soldier is shown sneaking up behind an enemy with some kind of stealth camouflage and killing him from behind.

The squadmates are then shown activating their stealth camouflage and marking targets. All of the targets are taken out simultaneously. The team then uses magnetics to identify four hostiles inside, who are taken out quickly. More footage of the turret shooting enemy trucks is shown. Another soldier is shown inside a building running to cover and then fighting enemies. A truck is then shown rolling down a road. The squadmates are then shown shooting targets in a crowded area. A drone is then shown, followed by footage of a prone sniper with active camouflage taking down two targets, as another is shown shooting an enemy from behind cover. One soldier is shown sneaking up on an enemy through a window at night and another is shown snapping an enemy’s neck. A helicopter airstrike is then shown. Then, soldiers are shown in a snowy area, being followed by some kind of mech-looking machine.

Another soldier is shown tossing a sensor to identify targets and then take them out. A soldier is then shown using a turret on a vehicle to try to shoot down a plane. Another is shown running from an explosion. One soldier is shown running to cover and a soldier inside a vehicle is shown getting killed. One dives over a table for cover and shoots an enemy. One is shown shooting an enemy and then a group of soldiers is shown running away from a bomb. The trailer closes to show the game’s logo and the release date.

To view the “Premiere Gameplay Trailer,” click on the video below:

To view the screenshots, artwork, and box art, click on the Media Gallery below:

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 22nd. A PC version is scheduled for later release. The game also has a multiplayer beta scheduled to come to PSN and Xbox Live in April.

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