Kaz Hirai Sets Sights High, Aims to Elevate Sony and PlayStation Brand to No. 1

While Sony may not have had the best Q3, Kaz Hirai isn’t letting that get him down, as he sets his sights high for the future of Sony Corp. and the PlayStation brand in particular. During Sony’s quarterly financial call, Hirai shared his intentions to take the PlayStation brand to the number one spot in the industry.

In addition to placing a huge emphasis on Sony’s gaming division, Hirai also pledged to build upon their camera and mobile lines as these three pillars will be the primary focus of the company moving forward. For those that didn’t get the memo, Kaz Hirai will be taking over Howard Stringer’s current position as president and CEO of Sony this April.

Kaz undoubtedly has one heck of a hill to climb, as Sony saw a net loss of over $2 billion during its third quarter. With the PlayStation Vita set to release outside of Japan later this month alongside a massive lineup of impressive day-one launch titles, let’s hope this new portable brings Sony the success it needs.