Metro: Last Light Delayed, Expected to Arrive Early 2013

Metro: Last Light, the sequel to 4A Games’ survival-based shooter Metro 2033 will no longer come out this year, as its launch window has been rescheduled to sometime early next year.

At THQ’s depressing quarterly earnings report, they announced the game’s postponement, failing to provide that many details behind the delay. While it is disappointing to hear that we have at least another year of waiting before Metro: Last Light hits store shelves, it’s important that 4A Games takes their time in crafting the most compelling experience possible.

It is surprising, however, that the game won’t be ready to release by year’s end, especially considering all of the in-game footage we saw of it last year. There’s no doubt that this game is shaping up to be one heck of an atmospheric shooter that will please the fans of the original, so it’s fair to assume that in the end, Metro: Last Light will be well worth the wait.

For future details on the game’s progress, keep it here at PlayStation LifeStyle.