THQ Unveils the Final Part of Metro: Last Light’s E3 Demo

The third and final part of the E3 closed-doors demo of Metro: Last Light has been revealed. In this last section, main characters Artyom and Khan are tasked with intercepting a train carrying a mysterious person of interest.

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to the cult classic Metro 2033 and boasts a unique blend of survival horror and first person shooting. The footage in the demonstration comes from pre-alpha code, so it goes without saying that this game appears to be coming along quite nicely.

Check out part 3 of the demonstration below:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]

If you missed out on our E3 coverage of the game a couple of months ago, be sure to head over here and read up on our impressions.

Metro: Last Light is being developed by the guys at 4A Games and will be published by THQ. While a firm release date has yet to be confirmed, it’s currently expected to launch sometime in 2012.