Square Enix Announces Facebook Integration For Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix has announced that gamers can now update their Facebook status with their progress in RPG Final Fantasy XIII-2, thanks to integration of the game with the social networking site.

Once players have reached the point where they’ve been introduced to the Historia Crux, players will be able to upload current information about their in-game progress, including current party setup, monsters collected, battle scores, and more. They can also post the Achievements and Trophies that they’ve earned as well. The integration marks the first time in Final Fantasy history that gamers have been able to keep their friends up-to-date on their gaming experiences with a direct link to Facebook.

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What do you think about the Facebook integration for Final Fantasy XIII-2? If you’re picking up FFXIII-2, will you be sharing your game status with your friends? Let us know in the comments below!