Next PlayStation Vita Update To Add Map App, Video Recording and Mac Support

The next PlayStation Vita update, version 1.6, will add a Map application and video recording, along with Mac support for the Vita Content Management Assistant program.

The Map program obviously requires a 3G capable Vita to work out-and-about, but it’s not known whether Wi-Fi only Vita’s will receive the app for use with hotspots. The app, which uses Google Maps has both Standard and Satellite view, has walking and driving directions and can give you details about your current location, according the Andriasang.

The system’s photo app will be updated to also record videos, which up until now the handheld was unable to do – something we criticized when we tested out the camera.

Another minor change will mean that the Home button will flash blue when you have the Vita hooked up to power. Sony is also set to release a Mac version of the Content Management program, with the update including support for the new software. The program allows you to transfer data between your handheld and your computer.

The update is set to release on February 8th, and will also change PlayStation Network Accounts to Sony Entertainment Network Accounts, like on PS3.