thatgamecompany Reveals That Journey Development Has Been Completed

Fans of the work of flOw and Flower developer thatgamecompany will be glad to know that the artistic PlayStation Network title Journey has been finished, according to the studio’s co-founder.

In an interview with site Videoshock Kellee Santiago was asked what percentage of the game had been completed. She responded:

It’s done! (Which is why I have the time to answer these questions.) We await release now! 🙂

She was also asked about Journey being the last game from the studio that has been signed to Sony and whether or not other companies were interested in them. She responded:

We’ve been way too focused on Journey – there are only 12 of us! We’re just now coming out of the fog of development and taking a look at what’s possible.

Journey is currently scheduled for a Spring 2012 release date and is a PlayStation Network exclusive title.

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