V2G Working on a “Mind Blowing Adventure Game”, Probably PS3 Exclusive

With V2Games’ first game, Smash ‘N’ Survive, out later this month exclusively on PSN, the developer’s eyes are set firmly on the future. In an exclusive interview with PSLS, the Indian studio has revealed ambitious plans for their next title.

We asked Rajat Ojha, President of Version2Games Limited, about what else the studio is developing after their site claimed that they would create “three international brands every two years”. He replied:

Expect a mind blowing adventure game next which will have visuals at par with the world’s best games and gameplay that is absolutely unique. I promise that no one has seen something like that before. We are also working on the design of a game next to that and there’s no looking back for us. Smash ‘N’ Survive is our entry to the game industry and our future releases will establish our position in this industry.

Ojha didn’t specify a platform for the game, but earlier on in the extensive interview we also asked why SnS was a PSN exclusive:

Microsoft doesn’t give their development kits to India for the reasons best known to them. PC is not in our current scheme of things but we are not rejecting that option and if we find a good publisher then we can plan for a PC release. Since this is not our focus, we didn’t explore the possibility of Steam also.

Considering they don’t even have 360 dev kits, it’s unlikely that the new game will be multiplatform. Ojha also stressed the close relationship between V2G and Sony:

In last five months, we have developed very strong relationship with Sony Europe and they have loved our future game concepts too which are again not Indian contents. In November 2011, SCEE had sent four members team to our studio to discuss ideas, technical knowledge exchange and discuss future of V2G with SCEE. All these were very constructive exercises and mean a lot to a new studio like ours.

Later continuing:

In last three months, we have been working closely with SCEE for everything.

It’s hard to know whether V2G will actually live up to the bold claims considering the developer has yet to release a game, and that the Indian games industry is still in its earliest stages.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for the full interview with Rajat Ojha later today.