SCEE Comments On Europe’s UMD Passport Program Status, Refuses To Confirm or Deny

Yesterday, a report emerged that Sony wouldn’t be having a North American version of the UMD Passport Program, which allows gamers to download their original PSP UMD games on Vita for a discounted price. Sony Europe has offered a comment about Europe’s status for the program, but it unfortunately doesn’t make their status very clear.

Eurogamer reports that a Sony Europe spokesperson offered the following comment about European Vita owners receiving the UMD Passport Program:

We’ve not made any announcement about the program in the UK and Europe as yet. We’ll let you know as and when that changes.

The UMD Passport Program is available in Japan, which is the only territory confirmed to have it thus far. For those outside of Japan and without Passport Program access, the Vita can still download and play PSP games from the PlayStation Store.

If there are any updates on the situation, PSLS will keep you posted.

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