Sony To Not Have North American Version of UMD Passport Program

A new report claims that Sony will not be bringing the UMD Passport Program — which allows owners of UMD PSP games to download their old games for a discounted price — to North America.

Kotaku reports that Sony has told them that there will be no North American version of the program. The report does note that Vita owners will still be able to access any PSP games that they had purchased via PSN.

Andriasang had reported that the UMD Passport Program — which is available in Japan — had support for around 200 titles from 40 companies, according to Sony. A list of 40 titles supported by the program had been available, which ranged in price from 500 yen (currently somewhere around $6.50 USD) to 1500 yen (around $19.50 USD). Players had to download UMD Registration Applications and register their UMD discs on the PSN so that digital versions of the game would be available for download on their PlayStation Vitas.

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