Report: Sony May Have Added 200,000 Vitas To Initial Japanese Launch Shipment

The launch of PlayStation Vita in Japan is now imminent. With a next-generation handheld that has tons of buzz like the PlayStation Vita does — and given the support that Japan offered the PSP — a large number of units may be necessary to meet demand for the console’s launch. According to a new report, Sony has increased the number of Vitas in their initial shipment to meet that demand.

Andriasang reports a writer at Mainichi Digital claims to have heard that Sony had originally planned to have an initial shipment of 500,000 PlayStation Vita consoles for launch. Upon seeing pre-order demand for the device, though, Sony allegedly added another 200,000 units to that initial shipment (which would bring the total number of units to possibly more than 700,000).

The report also says that some retailers in Japan are claiming that a PlayStation Vita can be purchased on launch day, even without a pre-order, and that an increase in the supply of Vitas could make that possible.

The PlayStation Vita launches in North America and Europe on February 22, 2012.