Sony Releases List Of PSP Titles Currently Compatible With PlayStation Vita

Sony has released a list of full PSP games and PlayStation minis on the PS Blog that are currently compatible with PlayStation Vita.

275 total PSP and minis titles will be available for purchase or download. Players who already downloaded compatible PSP titles can download those titles onto their Vita for free, although Sony does note that players trying to download compatible PSP titles should be aware of their console activations, which may pose unspecified limitations.

Sony reminded players that PSP games can be downloaded to Vita directly via Wi-Fi or through PS3 and onto Vita via a USB cable and the Content Manager.

To see the current list of PSP and minis titles compatible with Vita, click on the second page of this story. Players should keep an eye on the list on the PS Blog, as it will be updated. Sony says that more PSP games will be added to the list in the coming weeks.

Sony recently said that there would be no North American version of the UMD Passport Program, while SCEE hasn’t yet confirmed or denied Europe’s status for the program.

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