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Bethesda Teases Skyrim DLC at DICE 2012

The DICE 2012 games industry convention is in full swing over in Las Vegas. The convention is usually dedicated to honor game developers. This year looks to be bigger than any previous years with Cliff Bleszinski acting as the host of its award show. The award night will not be the only main attraction of DICE 2012, David Jaffe from Eat Sleep Play and Todd Howard from Bethesda are headlining the keynotes for this year. Todd Howard kicks start the keynotes tonight with some information that will surely catch the attention of Skyrim‘s fans.

During his keynotes, which just wrapped up moments ago, Todd Howard provided the crowd a video that shows some ideas that might or might not make into Skyrim as DLC. He reminded us that those internal ideas are only “experiments”.  GameInformer managed to round out some of those ideas that were shown by Todd Howard:

  • Spears
  • Seasonal Foliage
  • Flow-based Water Shader
  • Kill Cams for Magic and Ranged Combat
  • Stealth enhancements such as water arose and Assassin’s Vision
  • Guards can re-light darkened areas
  • Paralysis Runes
  • Dungeon enhancements like hanging structures and moving platforms
  • Water currents in dungeons
  • Dark dungeons
  • New follower commands for combat style, training, distance, equipment, etc.
  • Set favorites for followers
  • Adoption
  • Build you own home…complete with skeleton butler!
  • Spell combinations! Flame + Raise Zombie = Conjure Flame Atronach, Fear + Healing = Drain Health
  • Goblins
  • High Level Draugr
  • Waygate fast-travel
  • Epic new mounts
  • Mounted combat
  • Dragon Mounts
  • Soulbug Familiar
  • Kinect Shouts
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Enhanced Underwater Visuals
  • Snow Footprints
  • Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects…like the Fat Giant
  • Ice & Fire Arrows
  • Werebear!
  • Lycanthropy Perk Tree
  • Vampire Feeding
  • Become a flying Vampire Lord
  • Vampire imp minions
  • Mudcrab animation tweaks

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Besides the DLC, Todd Howard also revealed that the average time PC gamers play Skyrim is around 75 hours. It is not surprising if PS3 players also clock in a similar number. He also mentioned that before the game launched in November, Bethesda did not focus test the game at all. This fact is not surprising at all since we all have heard reports about the game’s huge amount of bugs.

What do you think about the DLC ideas? Anything from the list that you want to see realized in the future?