EA & BioWare Release Four New Mass Effect 3 Videos

EA and BioWare have released four new videos for Mass Effect 3 that show various gameplay footage and cinematics.

The “Build A Customizable Arsenal” video shows customizable armor and weapon elements of single player at first. Shepard is shown in various armor sets throughout. The trailer also shows the show the menu with the name and statistics for each armor set, in addition to the color customization menus for Shepard’s armor sets. Other in-game menus shown are: weapons customization for add-ons, weapon loadouts and a menu that shows a glimpse of Shepard’s skill tree for Concussive Shot. For multiplayer, class selection for a human, skill tree (one for Singularity, specifically), character customization/loadout, and armor customization menus are shown.

The “Integrated Storytelling” video shows cutscenes, gameplay, and the outcome of a conversation sequence. Shepard is shown trying to ask an Asari operative to help him gain access to a temple to gain access to a relic inside. When he orders her to help him (Renegade,) she says she’s pulling her people out of there. When he explains his situation (Paragon,) she orders that a path be cleared to the temple now. BioWare Edmonton and Montreal Studio General Manager Aaryn Flynn narrates the video and explains that players to get to shape the course of events in real-time as the game reacts to player decisions. He also says that the consequences of choices that players make could lead to the salvation or destruction of entire civilizations.

The “Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay” video shows various combat gameplay and cutscenes, such as Shepard running from a Reaper attack.

The “Ruthless and Intelligent Enemies” video shows combat gameplay and cutscenes of enemy attacks and closes with a cutscene of a Reaper attack.

“Build A Customizable Arsenal” video:

“Integrated Storytelling” video:

“Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay” video:

“Ruthless and Intelligent Enemies” video:

Mass Effect 3 releases on March 6th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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