Sony Details Two AR Games Available At Vita Launch

The PS Blog has detailed two other augmented reality games, in addition to Table Soccer, that will be available as part of an “Augmented Reality Suite “via a PSN voucher when the Vita launches on February 22nd.

The two games are Fireworks and Cliff Diver, which both take advantage of the six bundled AR cards and the wide-angle AR from the Vita. But hell, don’t take our word for it. Listen to David Thach tell it like it is, while showing off some of the respective games features and their AR card integration in the embedded video below:

For our money, the AR stuff appears to be pretty well integrated, and could be really neat if developed properly. What say the rest of you? Is the AR stuff included with the Vita a desperate attempt to compete with Nintendo, or could it be more innovative than Nintendo’s efforts?