PSA: Beware of Starhawk Beta Phishers

With the Starhawk beta only open to Uncharted 3 players, PS+ users and PSLS competition winners, its codes are hotly sought after. Unfortunately, the demand for the beta has caused some unscrupulous internet users to try to take advantage of desperate gamers.

Dylan Jobe, President of Starhawk studio LightBox Interactive, warned on Twitter:

Sadly it’s come to this: There are now phishing scams on Twitter for the #Starhawk BETA — Be careful everyone!!

Presumably, the phishers try to gain access either to your Twitter account or your PSN account. As ever, we can only stress the importance of only clicking on links, and giving your details to, trusted sources. Always check urls before you put your password in as well as email addresses. As a victim of a Twitter attack (a hack rather than a phishing scam), it can be a massively irritating and time consuming problem.