Koller Alludes To Possible BioShock Vita 2012 Release

Sony’s Director of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, recently answered a number of fan questions about Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which had its First Edition Bundle released today. In a response to one of the questions, Koller mentioned BioShock Vita in a vague, but interesting way.

In response to one of the questions in the PS Blog Q&A, Koller gave the following response:

We’ve got over a 100 games in development, we’ve got 25 games for launch – it’s the most we’ve ever had. I think the thing that’s been interesting over the last 3-4 years is that we’ve got the publishers involved, the publishers actually helped us design this as well. The publishers were saying that we want to be making a console experience and we want to be having something similar on handheld – not a port – but we actually want to be making something on the system that, y’know, makes us feel that it’s got the depth and the richness that we create on the console side of things. So you see a game like Call of Duty, the Activision developers are saying: ‘Y’know, look, the only place that we can actually get a console like experience is actually on PS Vita.’ So that’s a game coming in the back half of the year. We’ve got games like Assassin’s Creed and BioShock and even from us Resistance and LittleBigPlanet – really the biggest and best games are coming.

What’s interesting about Koller’s comment is that he has listed BioShock Vita in the same company as other titles that have been said to be coming out this year, including Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, and Call of Duty. Ubisoft has already revealed that Assassin’s Creed Vita could be coming out in this calendar year in a release schedule.

Koller had previously listed Mortal Kombat, as well as some of the above-mentioned titles, in a comment about upcoming PlayStation Vita titles that he had made at this year’s CES.

Now, Koller could’ve just as easily been listing Vita titles off of the top of his head and mentioned BioShock Vita in passing. No announcements have been made about BioShock Vita’s release date whatsoever. Series creator Ken Levine had said last October that BioShock Vita was “still sort of in the paper design stage.” However, Levine also had said that he had spoken with some “extraordinary people” about a possible outsourcing of BioShock Vita. Levine further commented that he wasn’t ready to commit to a studio just yet, if outsourcing was even going to happen.

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