Square Enix Releases New Screenshots of Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix has released ten new screenshots of upcoming open-world game, Sleeping Dogs.

One screenshot shows a motorcycle rider shooting a car, which is on fire. Another shows vehicles driving on a highway at fast speeds. Another shows a boat being driven just outside a docks area. Another shows main character Detective Wei Shen appearing to talk to two girls. Another shows combat, with two enemies knocked backwards from one of Shen’s kicks and blood flying out of them. Another shows Shen standing in the background while an older gentleman and a younger man talk at a table over drinks of some kind. Another shows Shen in prison sitting next to a man, with another man looking out of the bars of the cell. Another shows Shen throwing a punch with blood on his forehead. Another shows Shen firing a machine gun with an explosion in the background. Another shows a glimpse of Sleeping Dogs‘ Hong Kong at the street level.

None of them, of course, are as awesome as the live-action debut trailer for the gamer.

To view the screenshots, click on the Media Gallery below:

Sleeping Dogs will be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime this year (rumored to be in August).

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