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God of War PSP Developer Working on Next-Generation Title

Ready at Dawn, the developer behind the highly rated God of War PSP titles and the Wii port of Okami is allegedly working on a game for next generation hardware.

According to a job listing on the developer’s main site, the team is crafting a completely new franchise that fits into the third-person action genre. Here’s a full description of the position:

Are you ready to work on an exciting new AAA IP for a Next-Generation home console game system? Ready At Dawn is working on a 3rd Person Action Adventure and is looking for talented, motivated and self-directed developers to join our team.

Unfortunately for Vita owners, it doesn’t look like they’ll be working on a God of War title for the shiny new handheld, as the listing clearly states that the game will be found on a “next-generation home console.” Notice that the listing also implies that the title will be an exclusive, as the description references a singular next-generation console.

While Sony has mentioned that the PS4 is still a ways off, reports like this lead us to question how far away the next generation really is.