PlayStation Store Preview 2.0 – February 21st, 2012: Initiate Vita Launch Sequence


Welcome to PlayStation Store Preview 2.0. As you can see, things have changed… for the better. With the introduction of the PlayStation Vita and digital releases hitting the PlayStation Store the same day and date (for the most part) as retail counterparts, we decided that we needed to spruce the place up a bit. We hope you enjoy your stay and return to visit each week when we preview the PlayStation Store’s upcoming content.

Both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 have their own separate pages now, and there’s a page each for Coming Soon, and PlayStation Plus and Sales. Use the visual buttons below to easily navigate to each platform.

This week’s theme: The official PlayStation Vita launch is upon us. While some games were available last week for First Edition early adopters, the rest will go live today – and what a glorious launch line-up it is.



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