Call of Duty on PS Vita a “Game Changer,” Due This Fall

It was recently revealed that the Vita would be getting support from some huge franchises, popular shooter Call of Duty being among them. In an interview with, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth dropped an interesting news bit for series fans, saying that Vita’s first Call is currently expected to arrive this fall. They should call it Fall of Duty. And that right there is why I’m not the Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing.

Naturally, as it’s the man’s job to point out the positives and create some hype, he has high expectations, calling the upcoming title a real “game-changer.” Whether he just means a fun game or he’s actually alluding to some Vita-specific features spicing things up was sadly not specified.

We’ve seen all kinds of innovations come from the Vita, as the machine already houses — and enhances — beloved franchises like Lumines, Uncharted, Katamari Damacy, and WipEout. It’s done all that in its first couple of months of existence, so it certainly has potential for big things in the future. What do you think things like augmented reality, the rear touch pad, and other Vita features could do for Call of Duty?