Awesome Tech We Want In The PS Vita 2

With the PlayStation Vita out now, it is officially current-gen technology. So what about the next-gen? Here’s what we want in the PS Vita 2.

Flexible screens/hardware:

Giving the Vita 2 a level of flexibility would mean that putting the handheld in your pocket wouldn’t risk it snapping or cracking. Flexibility could also allow for different control options and possibly gameplay types. Sony is already leading the way with the world’s first flexible, full-color OLED display:

‘Electrotactile’ screens you can feel:

Imagine being able to feel a dragon’s scales in The Elder Scrolls VIII, or a cliff face in Uncharted 9: Drake’s Retirement. Or think about being able to stretch the skin of the screen as you drag back your billionth angry bird.

Just check out the concept Nokia HumanForm of both flexible and electrotactile hardware:

See-through screens/hardware:

See-through screens and hardware would make augmented games far better and more ‘augmented’, it’d even make weather apps look cooler, as this mockup by Seunghan Song shows.

Touchable Holography:

While we’re at it, holographs would make the device all the more awesome, plus there’s work being done on touchable holography:


Nanotechnology will be able to smell its environment – I have no idea how that could be used in a game, but simply the idea of that is incredible. It can also self-clean, so spilling something on your tech doesn’t matter, as well as again allowing for flexibility.

Have a look at another awesome Nokia concept video:

Better battery:

As you can see in the nanotech vid, it can allow for solar power charging. I’m no scientist, but I do wonder how much solar energy would be required to power such a tech-filled device, but the Vita 2 could at least have a more powerful battery. Sony have also pioneered bio batteries that run on sugar, so you could potentially end up feeding your next handheld. There are also talks of creating lithium-ion batteries that breathe, something that could potentially give the battery 10x more power.

Wireless Charging:

If it has to be charged, why have wires? Wireless charging dates back to 2008 and is already available in some tech devices.

Mind control:

Rudimentary mind control games already exist, with players having to concentrate hard to move a ball or a dot – not exactly riveting, but a sign of a future where you don’t even need to move to play a game.

Keep the buttons and sticks:

Don’t fix what isn’t broken – buttons rock, and they never should go. They could be improved with R3 and L3 buttons added, or better accuracy, but overall the buttons should stay the same.

Retractable analog sticks:

One feature that could definitely be improved on the Vita is the fact that the micro analog sticks jut out and can catch on your pocket’s edge. What would be cool would be the ability to retract the sticks inside the Vita 2 to keep them out of the way when you don’t need them.

So much memory the memory stick scandal doesn’t matter:

Give me enough inbuilt memory to never ever care about storage again or moan about Sony’s awful 4GB mem sticks.

What would you like in an ultimate handheld? Share your thoughts in the comments below.