Killzone 3 Multiplayer To Go Free-to-Play Next Week

Console manufacturers are often criticized by developers and analysts about their closed approach to different pricing schemes, like the increasingly popular free-to-play model. But Sony is set to change that all up next week, and make Killzone 3‘s multiplayer F2P next week.

After we uncoveredKillzone 3 Multi-play’ in November, Sony has now announced on the PlayStation Blogcast that they will be releasing the multiplayer for free next week. Interestingly, November’s discovery was of a 50% PS+ discount, meaning they were planning to only offer a premium version of the game only a few months ago. It’s unknown why Sony changed their mind so suddenly, but it will certainly be good news for those who would have paid for it.

You won’t have full access, however, as you’ll have a level cap and limitations to the amount of skills and weapons you can unlock. You’ll be able to buy the ‘full’ multiplayer-only version for $14.99. Both versions will also include all the KZ3 map pack DLC.

If you never picked up KZ3 (or traded it in), will you be downloading the free game? Let us know in the comments below.