Rumor: AMD to Power PlayStation 4

The PlayStation brand has relied heavily on Nvidia technology in the past, as the PS3 has been powered by their brand since it launched over five years ago. However, if a rumor from former AMD employees is to believed, that may no longer be the case, as reports indicate that Sony’s next-gen console will make use of AMD tech.

The report comes from Forbes, which claims that this essentially confirms the reality of a next-gen console in the works at Sony, something I don’t think anyone has doubted. When the publication reached out to Sony for comment, George Bailey, the company’s Chief Transformation Officer refused to offer any information. AMD remained tight-lipped as well.

As signs point to yes though, as this rumor bears a substantial amount of weight. In fact, at AMD’s analyst month held earlier this year, Chief Financial Officer Thomas Seifert was clear in mentioning that gaming will be a primary factor in the company’s growth over the course of this year.

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