PSLS Exclusive StarDrone Extreme Vita Videos

We here at PSLS are dedicated to bringing you the best Vita coverage physically possible, and that’s what why we’ve teamed up with StarDrone Extreme developer Beatshaper to bring you two exclusive videos of their upcoming Vita game (as well as some giveaways).

Both the videos are captured directly from the Vita in 60fps 720p HD – that means you get to see the game as it really is, no fancy after-effects to trick you.

The first exclusive video is of the game shows how you can quickly load up and start playing the game in all its Extreme glory, while the second is an entirely brand new level that is played with touchscreen controls. The game can be played with the rear touchpad control in two different ways: one where you touch and control beacons directly, and two where the rear touchpad acts as one giant button:

Be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more exclusive coverage of the hottest upcoming games, as well as a giveaway involving several of Beatshaper’s previous games very soon.

StarDrone Extreme is out this March, only on PS Vita.