Tretton Wants PS Vita To Sell In Three Weeks As Much As The PSP Did In Two Days

The PlayStation division isn’t in the same position it was back in 2005, with Sony facing fiercer competitors than ever in the console space and and incredible number of competing mobiles and tablets in the portable space. Perhaps that’s why Tretton’s best sales hopes for the Vita’s launch are far below that of the PlayStation Portable, despite positive reviews and fan feedback.

Talking to Reuters, PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton said he would “be very pleased” if the PlayStation Vita sold half a million units in the United States over the next three weeks – something the handheld took over a month to do in Japan. In comparison, the PSP, which released on March 24th 2005, also cost $249 but managed to sell half a million in just 2 days.

With the Vita having one of the largest lineups ever and a hefty marketing budget, why do you think the handheld will get off to such a slow start? Does it just need COD, or has the dedicated handheld space really shrunk that drastically? Share your thoughts in the comments below.