The Top 10 Games We’d Like To See On PlayStation Vita

If there’s one thing that the PlayStation Vita already has plenty of, it’s software. The Vita hardware, though, has plenty of possibilities for games to come in its future. We’ve come up with a list of games we’d like to see on the handheld that not only would be great to play on Sony’s next-gen handheld, but would benefit from features such as its control inputs and online connectivity as well. Some could take advantage of the handheld’s features for significant gameplay offerings and others could just use some for minor features, but all of them would be terrific to see on Vita and great fun for the handheld’s user base.

In no particular order whatsoever, here are the Top 10 Games We’d Like To See On PlayStation Vita:

1. Loco Roco

Sony’s unique bouncing platformer would be a perfect fit for Vita’s feature set. Being able to use the front touch screen and rear touch panels to control the LocoRoco and using the motion sensor to change the world’s directions would make a world of difference in the game. Plus, the new inputs would make the series more accessible to people who would be new to the franchise. The additional storage provided by the Vita’s game card medium could means tons of levels, too, as Rayman Origins has over sixty levels itself. We’d love to see this one of a kind platformer land on Sony’s handheld.

2. Borderlands or Borderlands 2

2K Games and Gearbox Software’s cel-shaded FPS with RPG elements has a number of elements that would work well with Vita. The series’ heavy emphasis on co-op and Vita’s PSN connectivity opens the door for not only online co-op, but online co-op with cross-platform play support. Throw in cloud saving to keep gamers’ progress between the two versions consistent, as well as the Vita’s dual analog sticks for full FPS control, and the Borderlands series would seem like a no-brainer for the PlayStation Vita.

3. Jet Grind Radio

Sega recently teased that their Dreamcast classic is coming to PSN and Xbox Live, so why not have a Vita version if they decide to bring it over? Sega could take full advantage of the Vita’s touch screen for graffiti tagging and creation (and maybe implement some Wi-Fi/3G graffiti trading as well). Sega could also add the right analog stick for improved camera controls. If Sega were to upscale the visuals of the original to HD for the PS3 version and port it over to Vita, the cool cel-shaded art style would look fantastic on the OLED screen. The Vita could add new life to this classic game and it would be a welcome addition to the Vita’s library.

4. Portal

Valve’s first-person puzzle series seems to practically cry out for a Vita installment. Dual analog sticks enable the controls necessary, while PSN connectivity enables the online co-op gamers saw in Portal 2. However, the real draw would be how Valve could use the various inputs of the Vita to create new and interesting puzzles. The front touch screen, rear touch panel, and motion sensor could add plenty of new possibilities to puzzles, even if they were just used in small ways (guiding the firing of a companion cube, for example). The biggest addition, though, could be if Valve added the level creation from the PC version and used the Vita’s inputs to make that possible on Sony’s new handheld platforms. Throw in online downloads of user-created levels and Portal on Vita would be our dream come true, even if the cake is a lie.

5. A New Quantic Dream Game

Heavy Rain challenged gamers by having them use the SixAxis motion sensor, in addition to timed button inputs, for critical events in the story. Quantic, in addition to providing a quality story, could definitely take advantage of the inputs Vita has to offer some cool and unique gameplay. If Quantic returned to a murder mystery like in Indigo Prophecy or Heavy Rain, they could use Vita’s touch screen to pinch and zoom for crime scene investigation, use swiping of the rear touch panel to dust for fingerprints, and more. Vita gamers are going to need significant single player video game experiences and Quantic Dream would be an excellent developer to provide one of them.

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