Critical Mass Interactive Working On Co-Op Shooter Boondock Saints Video Game, But It Might Not Be On PS3

The 1999 film The Boondock Saints is getting a video game version in the form of a co-op shooter.

G4 reports that Critical Mass Interactive is working on a “full on co-op shooter” video game for the film. Xbox 360 and PC versions are in development, “with the ability to go to PS3.” Critical Mass’ President & CEO Matt Scibilia has said that he’d like the game to be released as a full retail game, but there’s a possibility that the game may be released in episodic downloadable installments instead.

Scibilia also said:

We don’t want to do a crap-ass franchise game. We’re staying true to the content. We’re looking to expand the story, not just retell the franchise.

The Boondock Saints characters are so strong — the banter, the relationships between Rocco and the brothers, the Catholicism, that will all be featured in the game.

Also, a motion comic has been planned by Critical Mass Interactive to accompany the game somehow.

The Boondock Saints game will be shown behind closed doors to press at PAX East and is planned to have an E3 reveal as well.

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