Gravity Rush Comes To PlayStation Vita on June 12th, Trailer Released

PlayStation Vita exclusive Gravity Rush has had an official North American release date announced for the game. A new trailer for Gravity Rush was also released.

On the PS Blog, SCEA Product Marketing Manager Wilson Cheng announced that Gravity Rush will be released on June 12th both as a retail and digital download release. No price was announced for the game.

Cheng explains that Gravity Rush is the story of a futuristic world that’s under attack from unknown forces. Also, “gravity storms” have been causing all kinds of chaos while the world’s population is attacked by strange creatures. While all of this is going on, a girl named Kat awakens with an ability to control gravity awakens, but seems to have lost her memories. Kat must recover her memories, stop the world’s disintegration, and uncover the truth behind the mysterious events.

The game has a huge open world to explore. In that world, Kat’s powers will enable her to walk on any surface, fling herself into the sky, or utilize attacks special attacks against enemies while in a gravity-free state.

To view the Gravity Rush Trailer, click on the video below:

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