Introducing T.U.M. – PSLS Exclusive Game Reveal

With GDC right around the corner, rumors of game reveals are in the air – but who wants to wait a week to see a new game? We’re here to alleviate your game-reveal needs with an exclusive reveal of T.U.M.

Here is the first ever trailer of the upcoming game, as well as the very first details:

T.U.M. is an action adventure title and is a story of “Jay”

Jay wakes up from cryogenic sleep. He does not know who he is and where he is. As soon as he gets out, he discovers a world that is entirely made up of concrete and metal. There are no traces of life, no animals, no trees, not even weeds among the stones. The only remnants of nature are dried out plants with no leaves on them, just roots and dead vines.

He soon comes across creatures that have enslaved beings like himself. He must escape them to save his live and there’s only one way is to fight those creatures which makes him an accidental hero. That’s when he hears a voice, the voice of Gaia, the mother nature. She asks him to restore life to this once-thriving place.

The game is a mix of puzzle and combat with dark humor embedded in the dialogs, surroundings and even characters.

From Version2Games, who we interviewed earlier in the year, T.U.M. is currently in development for the PS3 and PS Vita.

V2G has revealed to us that it will have a very unique selling point, but didn’t share what it was – you’ll have to wait 21 days for a new trailer to find out what exactly makes this game special. While you wait for the new video, why not check out some exclusive first screens?