Time Machine: Rogue Pilot Release Date, Trophy List, & Screenshot Released, Demo Announced

Lesta Studios has revealed the release date and Trophy list for upcoming PlayStation Network puzzle title Time Machine: Rogue Pilot, in addition to releasing a screenshot and announcing a demo for the game.

Warning: The Trophy list for Time Machine: Rogue Pilot contains minor spoilers.

On the PS Blog, Lesta Studio’s International Affairs Manager Lucy Khatajaeva announced that Time Machine: Rogue Pilot will be released on PSN on March 13th. A demo for the game will be released on the same day.

The game has eleven Trophies (bronze, silver, and gold), which are listed below, but are said to contain spoilers:

On WheelsComplete 20 story levels on hard mode without losing
Combo MasterMake 15 combos during a level
Last GaspComplete a level when there’s only 8 seconds left
I’m the BonusmanActivate 50 or more bonuses during one level
Ultimate ComboMake the best possible combo in the game
SleuthComplete all hidden objects levels
Strategic MindComplete all levels in Puzzle Mode
Perfect AccuracyDestroy all tiles on the game screen
Brave New WorldComplete the first level of Antique Age playing for Jack
Blocker KillerMatch a line of blocker tiles
Make Them SmileActivate the super bonus 3 or more time

To view the screenshot released of the game, see below:

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