Pick Up Both PS3 and Vita MLB 12’s, Save $20

With Sony now supporting two incredibly powerful gaming platforms there is always a risk of software sales on one cannibalizing those on the other. Luckily, certain games like Motorstorm: RC require only one purchase to work on PS3 and Vita, but for larger retail games that generally isn’t the case. To entice you to buy both versions of MLB 12: The Show, Sony will be offering a $20 discount to those who pick up each version.

The promotion starts on launch day, March 6th, and is described as a “limited time offer”. All you need to do is buy both at the same time, and the checkout should automatically deduct $20 from the price (be sure to check at the time though), meaning that the $59.99 PS3 version and the $39.99 Vita version will cost you $79.99. The game also supports save file transferring (or as Kojima calls it “transfarring”) so Season, Franchise or Road to the Show modes can be started on your PS3 and finished on your Vita.

Will you be taking advantage of this deal? Let us know in the comments below.